Rue's guardian and only family. Rue consider her as a big sister. It is not known if Clarie has a family or relatives.


Clarie is kind hearted and caring person as we can see from how she cares about Rue. She'd do anything to protect him even if it means sacrificing herself which shows that she's selfless.


Clarie leaves alone until one day, she came across a boy that collapsed near her house. She helped him recovered and allowed him to stay with her.

One day a stranger came to their household, (who was Doll Master) and tried to capture Rue. Rue protected Clarie and tried to drive the creature far away from the house. Rue got hurt in the process which left Clarie to try and defend him with an axe. Despite her try to fight the creature, she was killed. Rue then, devastated by her demise absorbed her soul so that he can find a mean to save her.

After years of searching of finding a way to bring back Clarie, Rue find about a Relic which can fulfills one's wishes. Rue eager to used the relic succeeds on finding it. unfortunately Velan's used Clarie's body against him so he'd give up on trying to resist him.

Rue then stopped Velan's evil plans and destroys the relic so no one could ever use it again. However, Clarie's body despite having its soul back refuse to respond meaning Rue failed. Rue saddened by it until Clarie wakes up and this showed that the DewPrism did fulfilled Rue's wish.

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