Rue's guardian and only family, Claire is a supporting character in Threads of Fate. Rue treats her as an elder sister. It is not known if Claire has a family or relatives.


Kind and caring, Claire acts a surrogate sister to Rue, and often supports him in times of need. She also proves to be selfless, as in spite of not being prepared for battle, she came to Rue's defense when he was hurt.


Claire once lived alone in a small house out in the snow; one day, however, she came across a boy that collapsed near her house. She helped him recover and allowed him to stay with her.

A stranger later came to their household and tried to capture Rue. Rue protected Claire and tried to drive the stranger off, but got hurt in the process. Left with no other choice, Claire attempted to defend him with an axe. Despite her attempts to fight the stranger, she was killed. Rue, devastated by her death, drove off the stranger, absorbing Claire's soul so that he can find a means to save her.

After years of searching of finding a way to bring back Claire, Rue discovers a Relic which can fulfills one's wishes. Rue, eager to use the relic to bring back Claire, eventually finds it, and succeeds in resurrecting her. Velan schemed to use Claire's body against him so he'd give up on trying to resist. This plan, however, failed; Rue went on to stop Velan's evil plans, destroying the relic so no one could ever use it again. After he and Claire are sent away, Rue wakes up to find Mel has visited him. She tells him Claire's body, despite having its soul back, refuses to respond to the treatments she attempted. Saddened, but in the end, not caring, only caring that one day Claire would wake up, Rue prepares to set off on another journey. She later reveals that she woke up before him; while the Dewprism did fulfill Rue's wish, she was uncomfortable with the situation, mentioning that three years had gone by, and that she feared that Rue had changed.